About Me

Jo Brook

I am a warm and open-hearted person. My main loves in life centre around ecstatic dance, contact improvisation and of course cuddling! I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Another passion of mine is the importance of self-care. Getting out into public places enjoying flash mobs and social experiments is a fantastic and fun way for me to liberate and express myself, while connecting and sharing love in the community.

I have completed Professional Cuddling training with both Cuddlist and Cuddle Sanctuary.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My background

I hold a Diploma In Caring Services (Nursery Nursing) from the UK and worked for many years in Early Childhood Education and as a private Live-in Nanny in the UK and the US. 

I have completed a 2 day Mental Health First Aid Course in Perth, and a Course in Negotiation and Crisis Intervention.

I hold a Certificate of successful completion of the Health Realisation Training of Trainers Program from Health Realization Institute,Inc California.

I also completed a Psychotherapy and Counselling course accredited by the School of Natural Health Sciences, London.

I have hospitality and retail management experience in the UK.

I worked as an Employment Consultant, motivating job seekers in Perth.


How did I get into Professional Cuddling?

I was going through a difficult period in my life in 2018 and I wanted more connection, more touch, more cuddles!

I had known about Professional Cuddling from a short documentary on Facebook for a long time, and an offical Cuddle Party had started in Perth. 


What I wanted though was individual cuddles, on a one-to-one basis with a practitioner who had been through some training. So after some research and asking around, I couldn't find anyone.


I then felt very inspired and excited as it dawned on me that I could be that person!


I realised that I could offer the service to others like me, who were going through a period of feeling lonely and wanting to feel more connected.

I have wanted to find a way to be in service to others in a meaningful way for over a decade, finding the right modality seemed elusive until now.


For the last few years I have discovered a passion for authentic connection, especially through healthy and consensual touch.