Certified by

After more research into which company to receive training from, (unfortunately there are currently no in-house cuddle therapy trainings in Perth), I decided to go with after speaking to the CEO Adam Lippin in New York on the phone.

I took a leap of faith and have not looked back since.

The online training course offered so much more than I expected, deep personal growth and insights occurring regularly as I went through their simple yet profound course. I then went on to get certified with them in January 2019.

The Cuddlist community and ongoing support that is included in their membership, is second to none and I feel nourished and very blessed to be part of a growing, ground breaking industry.


Want to become a Cuddlist?

If you are wanting to get into Professional Cuddling I would highly recommend the online Cuddlist training course as a starting point.

Use the Promo code JOANNE (all caps) to receive 10% off.