Professional Cuddle Session

Platonic touch on a one-to-one basis

How does this service work?

A cuddle therapy session is a space for you to feel safe, warm and held.

Following your free consultation call prior to the session, I will tailor the session to meet your needs and/or any goals you may have. Therefore, each session is unique, I will encourage you to discover and explore what kinds of platonic touch you like. We do this together through consensual and conscious touch.

Opening agreement and boundaries.

When we meet, each session begins with an opening agreement in which we both promise to let the other person know if we feel uncomfortable at any point, for any reason. This can include any boundaries we may have that isn’t covered by the Code of Conduct. When we speak up and say we are uncomfortable we are taking care of ourselves, learning self-respect and being aware of our boundaries. 

The importance of holding our boundaries in a session can bring wonderful insights and life changing patterns for a person.

How would you like to receive touch?

After taking some deep breaths together to ground ourselves, I will ask you how you would like to connect, either through touch or non-touch. I encourage you to become present, listen to your body and ask for what you want. If it is within both the Code of Conduct and my boundaries then my “ yes” will be whole hearted, and my “no” will be from a place of kindness.  

Asking for what you want.

I reassure you that this is a safe space to ask and I will not do anything that I don’t genuinely want to do. If I am a no to your request then I will be curious and ask you questions and maybe offer an alternative to find something that will give you that feeling that you are looking for.

When you can trust in my "no" then when I am a "yes", our connection will be more open and whole hearted.

Mutually consensual touch.

We will discover together what feels good and relaxing for both of us. If you do not know what you would like, that is perfect as we can uncover together what that may be, as I can give some options.