Frequently asked questions


Who is this for?

Anyone over 18 who genuinely wants a unique, platonic, relaxing, therapeutic, nourishing touch experience. Anyone wanting to experience more touch in their lives in a safe space. This is for people who agree to the Cuddlist code of conduct and are clear that this is a platonic service. If you are hoping for something more then you will be disappointed as this is not what I offer.

Is this a dating site?


Who are your clients?

Everyone, ranging from the stressed out business person, a tired mother needing nurturing herself, people who have just moved here and want to connect, those experiencing a period of loneliness, people grieving, men, women, transgender people, folk who are interested to learn about boundaries, those on a spiritual path wanting to discover more about themselves, uni students, people who are passionate about self-care. The list is endless!

How does this service work?

This is a great question, and I have created a whole page for this! Check out my Services page.

What should I know when you visit me in my home?

During our consulation call I will ask you if you there will be other people in your home like housemates/family members. It will be at my discrection if I choose to book with you. If you have home care or similar I am happy to visit you. On arrival I will need to navigate myself to the space, to do this please give me a quick tour. This also allows me to check there is no one else in your residence. Please have a clean space ready for us to cuddle either on a couch or on a large soft surface, whichever is your preference, and have clean pillows available. I will bring cushions and a fleece/blanket for extra comfort. We will negotiate where to cuddle after we have settled in, as long as we are both comfortable with the location.

I currently see a therapist, is this better?

No. I cannot substitute for a psychologist or counselor. Cuddling is a great service to combine with talk therapy for a multitude of purposes. Please talk with me about any physical or mental conditions which may affect our session ahead of time.

Is this service confidential?

Your privacy is extremely important to me. If we run into each other in public, I will not approach you, nor will I will refer to cuddling. I will follow your direction in regards to saying hi and for conversation subjects. I will follow up with you for my own business, but will not sell or share your information to other businesses.

Is this service really platonic?

Absolutely! All sessions are non-romantic, purely platonic and non-erotic. It’s like touching your friend or family member. I carefully select my clients to make sure they are a good fit and I communicate clearly what I do or don’t offer.

What forms of payment do you accept and when is payment made?

I accept direct bank transfer, Paypal or via Square invoice. It is appreicated that payment is paid in full prior to session.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, no worries, I understand, life happens. Out of courtesy please give me 24 hours if you need to cancel so someone else may take your spot. $30 is required to secure your booking, this is a non-refundable deposit and acts as my cancellation fee if you cancel - so I am not spending time chasing this up.

How do I book a session?

Please click Book a Session which is located on the menu bar on the homepage, at the top of the screen (this button is also located throughout this website). This takes you to a form, please fill this out as this information helps me with my screening process. I will then contact you within 24 hours to arrange your free consualtion call.

Why do we need to chat on the phone? Can't we just email to arrange a session.

The consulation call is part of my screening process to make sure we are a good fit. The purpose of the call is to make sure I feel confident that I can provide you with what you are looking for. I will ask you some questions about what you are wanting to get from the session, any expectations you may have, how you found me etc. You also get to ask me any questions.

Do you need to check my identity?

Yes. As part of my vetting process I will require your full name. I will need to verify who you are either on social media or by your photo I.D (where you take a picture of your driving licence and email to me). These details are confidential. I do this so I can feel safe and comfortable.

Can't people cuddle their friends, why would someone pay to be cuddled?

This is a great question! I had this throught cross my mind when I first heard about Professional Cuddling. Cuddling sounds like something basic you can get from a friend if you asked, and you could if you had a willing friend! Unfortunately, cuddling someone we know can come with issues and questions that most people don't want to ask, like: - is this person trying to date me? - are we really going to "just cuddle" or is there something else they're afraid to tell me? - how do I say I'm not comfortable with this without hurting their feelings? - I don't like that they are telling me all their problems while we're cuddling, how do I get them to be quiet? - if I say no, will this ruin the friendship we have? This can lead to a lot of insecurity and distrust in your friendships. With a good professional cuddler, you don't have to worry about any of those questions because they're answered upfront. - no I won't try to date you - yes, we're just cuddling and it won't progress to anything more even if you want it to - I'm trained to make sure we are both comfortable and to navigate the times when we're not so we can get back to enjoying our cuddle.

The cuddle session

What kinds of things will I feel in a session?

It may feel a little awkward at first which is completely normal, as this is new territory and you are trying something different. You will most likely feel vulnerable as you are getting out of your comfort zone, again this is normal. Then as you become present your body will slowly start dropping into relaxation. When a person feels accepted and loved in a safe space, the body has the potential to feel comforted, nourished, soothed, nurtured, calm and refreshed.

I understand this is a platonic service, but what if my body didn't get the memo?

As a culture, we tend to sexualize touch between adults, so naturally some people may need a little time to adjust to the idea of cuddling as a non-sexual endeavor. This may hold true for our bodily responses as well. Experiencing arousal in a session, especially in the beginning can be common. However, it's a perfectly natural response and is nothing to worry about. We simply reposition or refocus as needed and allow it to pass. When we open ourselves to the experience of platonic touch, without sexual distractions, it presents us with an opportunity to discover a beautiful new state of intimacy and vulnerability together. Inviting a level of trust and closeness that many people may never have experienced before. This alone can be deeply healing.

What does cuddling look like?

There is no right or wrong way to cuddle. If it feels good and it is consensual, mutual touch then there can be as little or as much touch as you like. It can be as simple as holding hands or sitting side by side, to full embracing and body contact, it that feels right. There are many different cuddle poses, but the session is focused on feeling into your body to tap into and discover how it wants to be touched or held.

Where do we cuddle?

I am currently offering out-calls only which means I am mobile and come to you. I am happy to come to you in your home, or if you are house/dog sitting, travelling and in a hotel or need to rent a hotel room for our session. A 30 minute drive or less from Fremantle area is my prefered distance to travel.

What do we wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in and is non-restrictive. A minimum of shorts (that you would wear out in public) that cover the thighs and a tank top are required (boxers do not count). Layering can be helpful to regulate body temperature when needed. I will be wearing a t-shirt and leggins. You may wish to bring comfy clothes to change into (especially in the summer).

How do I prepare for our session?

Please be recently showered with teeth brushed and avoid wearing strong perfume or aftershave. Deodrant is great just not really strong smelling ones! Feel free to bring comfortable clothes to change into so you feel fresh. (Especially in the summer!)

What if I feel uncomfortable and want to stop?

You are free to stop and/or end the session at any point, for any reason.