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"The cuddle sessions I had with Jo were amazing. I discovered a lot about the power of intimate touch with mutual respect and no other goals. For me, expressing what I wanted in that context brought me out of my comfort zone in a very insightful way. Jo held the space really well, conveying a sense of presence without attachment."


"Thank you for an amazing session, for all your softness and gentleness, it was oh so well needed and received! Thank you Jo so much for reminding me of my soul needs and cravings, much love."


"I really appreciated the session and thought Jo was very clear and professional. The quality of contact was great and I felt very safe."


"Wow!! Jo is an amazing caring lady with such a  beautiful heart and soul. 

From the moment I stepped inside her cuddle work space I felt at ease but I think this was because of the lovely welcome and warm hug that she greeted me with. 

At no stage did I feel pressured to do anything that I didn't want to and it was totally all at my own pace.

Jo is incredibly vibrant with such an infectious laugh and it was impossible to leave her space without feeling good about myself and like I didn't have a problem in the world.

Thank you so much Jo for what you are providing and I cant wait until we catch up again."



"A hug is a beautiful connection, a cuddle session with Jo brings joyfulness to the soul. It’s comforting and nourishing and Jo brings her attention, intention and her light. Thank you Jo, I loved this session and I love the power of this work."


"I can say from experience that Jo has a very caring and considerate embrace, one to cherish and to be experienced."


"As a psychotherapist trained in Hakomi, a mindfulness-based and somatic modality I was curious to experience a cuddle session with Jo after reading a post about cuddle therapy on social media. I am so glad I made the appointment to see her. She was clear and thorough in the way that she explained the process of cuddle therapy, how the session would proceed both in advance of our appointment and during the session. I found her to be respectful, mindful, kind-hearted and compassionate.
Through her natural warmth she was able to dispel much of the nervousness I experienced in the first few minutes of us meeting. I love learning about myself and in the 90 minute session I had with Jo I learnt fascinating aspects about myself that I had never learnt in many years of talk-based therapies. It was also so much fun and very pleasurable!
There is so much evidence supporting the healing power of consensual, platonic touch. A cuddle session is a great way to experience this first-hand! Thanks Jo."


"Thank you for our session today. I really enjoyed having my hair pampered and feeing relaxed.  It was interesting and educational chatting with you."