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Cuddle Party is a workshop and a playshop with a social and relaxing atmosphere. It features a safe and supportive space to explore a wide range of nurturing/platonic touch and connection experiences.

This event is facilitated by Vanessa (on the left in the picture), in the beautiful Perth Hills. I am proud to be an assistant at her Cuddle Parties.

They usually occur once a month on a Sunday. Click the links to find out more.

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Cuddle Party info


The first hour or so is a communication workshop in which you will learn how to ask for what you want in a way that it feels like a gift.

You will learn to choose; say yes and no and even change your mind in a graceful way.

This is followed by a couple of hours of freestyle cuddling where you get to practice the skills learned in the workshop.

Some of the gifts you may take away from Cuddle Party include learning more about and connecting with yourself, knowing more about your wants and limits and being able to communicate them, and connecting with other like-minded folks in authentic and nourishing ways, plus much more. How you explore and experiment with what is on offer is up to you!


The Cuddle Party lasts for about 4 hours:

Doors open at 1 pm

1pm - 1:30pm arrive, check in and put on pyjamas. Please bring clean, comfy, cuddly clothes and make sure you have attended to your own bodily hygiene. Also, bringing a snack and cuddle accessories to share is welcomed

1:30pm – 2:30pm The Welcome Circle. Attendees MUST be present for the whole welcome circle to participate. If you are not here by 1:30pm and have not called, you may not be able to participate. My phone number is 0427 968 385.

2:30pm – 4:45pm Freestyle practice time with affectionate nurturing touch - what we call "Cuddling".

4:45pm – 5pm Closing circle, and goodbyes.


The Rules of "Cuddling"

The rules are tried and true, and there’s a logic to them that goes deeper than you might think to create a safe, fun environment for people to connect. At a Cuddle Party event, the first hour or so includes an explanation of the rules that you can use every day. Intrigued? Come check it out!

ARRIVE ON TIME: Once we begin the Welcome Circle and orientation, sorry, we can let no one enter late. This creates comfort and safety by knowing that everyone is on the same page about rules and expectations.

WHAT TO WEAR: Pyjamas or sweats– nothing too risqué. Think more comfy than sexy. (More drawstrings, less lace! No short-shorts or nighties please.)

WHAT TO BRING: Sorry, no liquor folks. Juice, kombucha or sparkling non-alcoholic cider is always welcome as are vegan-ish treats and snacks to share. Sorry no nuts or dairy, or strong perfumes, for the health, safety, and comfort of everyone. A pillow or stuffed animal if you like. Otherwise, just bring your smiling self.

Herbal teas and water are provided with some vegan nourishment.


The workshop part of the Cuddle Party explores these rules in depth so you can be sure everyone is on the same page.

Pyjamas/clothes stay on the whole time.

You don’t have to touch anyone at a cuddle party, ever.

You must ask permission and receive a verbal YES before you touch anyone. (Be as specific in your request as you can.)

If you’re a yes, say YES. If you’re a no, say NO.

If you’re a maybe, say NO.

You are encouraged to change your mind.

Respect your relationship agreements and communicate with your partner.

Get your Facilitator or the Assistants if you have a question or concern or need assistance with anything during the event.


Tears and laughter are both welcome.


Respect people’s privacy


Keep the Cuddle space tidy


The venue is a cottage on a property in Glen Forrest. It is a private residence and therefore details of how to get there are only given once a ticket is booked. Even if you are paying with cash, booking online is essential to receive the email.

Upon registration, you will receive an email from Eventbrite with your ticket. Please scroll down the email and there you will find a welcome letter and in that the full address and extra details of what to do when you get there.